Firefox Addon: Amazon Deal Button 1.1.20100502 Version Released

FFAmznSaleAfter the first version of Amazon Deal Button was released, we received a couple of suggestions.  One of them was to simplify menu items and to allow users to customize discount percentage ranges.

That’s a really good point and we did achieve that in this new version.   In summary, major changes made in this new version are:

  • Choose your own range of discount percentage for any product categories on Amazon US and UK sites. For example, you can choose 20% or more as your preferred discount range, thereafter all your clicks on discount links will lead you to see products 20% off or more on Amazon. You may change this setting any time and get desired discount percentage range immediately.
  • Bug Fix: when you use Small Icons options when you customize Firefox Toolbar, size of Amazon Deal Button will adjust accordingly.

The following flow chart (click to enlarge) shows how easy it is to customize range of discount percentages.

customizable discount

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