Developing consumer web app and browser extensions since 2009, Linked8 Apps (blog) is focused on providing cutting-edge and innovative data-driven tools to help  make life more fun.

One of our Chrome extensions, Amazon Extension (Unofficial) was a simplified version of Amazon home page as part of browser, the tool was used by 15,000+ active users who rated the software 4.3 out of 5 on Chrome Web Store and drove $1MM+ annual sales to Amazon sites worldwide,

Web Apps

SaveNowClub.com is a collection of deal making tools that help buyers to more easily get good deals for less-transparently priced items. Below are the deal-making tools offered by SaveNowClub.com:

LerKoo.com is a collection of short jokes (mostly in Chinese Mandarin), tagged and organized.   LerKoo is Chinese Pinyin which means Fun Vault in English.

AmaBay: named after Internet retailer giants, Ama(zon) + (e)Bay, inspired by bingle, a tool that allows you to search a keyword and compares search results from Bing and Google in one screen, AmaBay allows you to search Amazon and eBay at the same time for keyword you entered and compares prices side by side in one screen. This tool supports Amazon and eBay international sites as well. Read more about AmaBay here.

Chrome Apps

BookmarkMatic for Shoppers automatically converts and organizes your shopping browser history into bookmarks. People spend a lot of time creating and organizing bookmarks on links where they may revisit later on. Have you ever imagined a tool that automatically create and organize bookmarks for you based on your browser history? BookmarkMatic for Shoppers does exactly that. It currently supports 700+ shopping related sites with Alexa top 10000 traffic rank in United States, China, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Belgium. These sites cover end-to-end shopping needs including online shopping, offline shopping, shopping guide, automobile, real estate, travel, and even betting and gambling. For more details, see user’s manual and latest release notes.

AmabayChrome dynamically displays a button on address bar when you land on a product page on Amazon or eBay, clicking on that button will show the price comparison result between Amazon and eBay for that product, there is no need for typing any keywords or any extra steps, just one single click is needed. To keep page’s appearance tidy, users have the option to turn off the web page button on some pages  This is the Google Chrome version of Firefox Add-on AmabayFox, bringing the power to Google Chrome online shoppers. For more details, please see user’s manual and latest release notes.

Firefox Apps

AmabayFox is a Firefox Addon that enables online shoppers to compare Amazon and eBay prices by single click from Amazon or eBay sites.   This addon will appear as a button on Amazon or eBay product detail or search result pages, clicking on the button will lead to AmaBay price comparison results of that product.  The button will not show up in anywhere else.  This addon supports one click price comparison from product and listing pages on Amazon and eBay international sites. For more details, please see user’s manual and latest release notes.

Groupon Button is a simple addon button for people searching for coupons in local areas.  Although it’s named after the pioneer in this area, Groupon, but in fact, it supports both Groupon and LivingSocial.   Latest deals on Groupon or LivingSocial of your customized city is just one click away.  You will be able to customize home button link to either LivingSocial main site or any Groupon international site (including US, UK and China etc.) For more details, please see user’s manual and latest release notes.

Who We Are

Behind Linked8 are two guys who love to automate anything using code, script and data analysis. Read more about our recent activities at our blog.


For updates and release notes, please follow @linked8 on Twitter.   To request new features or provide feedbacks, please email savenowclub@gmail.com.