Firefox Addon: AmabayFox New Version 1.1.20101031 Released

iconThis is a new version release note of AmabayFox. (this version will be available to download soon)

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We’ve released a new version of AmabayFox, the major improvement was to include eBay US site.

New features include:

Now you can compare Amazon price by clicking on a button on search result or product detail pages, the button is unobtrusively placed by AmabayFox.  Currently it only works with eBay US site.

Status bar icon added, clicking on it will lead to Amabay result:

  • At any Amazon or eBay product detail page, status bar icon will change to a “bell”, clicking on it will lead to price comparison results.
  • At any other web pages, the status bar icon remains a “shopping bag”, clicking on it leads to Amabay homepage.

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