Firefox Add-on: Amazon Deal Button version 1.2.20101231 Released

Amazon Deal ButtonThis is a new version release note of Amazon Deal Button. (this version will be available to download soon)

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The latest version of Amazon Deal Button features the following improvements:

  • Compatible with Firefox 4
  • Sort discounted products by customer review, best sellers, price and release dates.  You can change this setting in Options.  Default sort option is by customer review.
  • Added Top Rated section for Amazon US.  In addition to Bestsellers, Movers and Shakers, Hot New Releases, Most Gifted and Most Wished For sections, Amazon US recently launched a new section called Top Rated which allows online shoppers to browse products by customer reviews and by categories.  The products with the overall highest customer review among biggest customer population are ranked highest.
  • Updated deal links for Amazon US, UK and Germany.  Since last version was released about 4 months ago, a few changes have happened to Amazon US, UK and Germany site structure, these changes are reflected.
  • Search highlighted keywords using Amabay and compare Amazon and eBay prices based on your country setting.  For example, if your Amazon Deal Button country is set to UK, you will see and price comparison results.
  • Look and Feel.  The menu item icons are now changed to a uniform yellow post-it icon instead of English letters used in previous versions.

Caveats related to sort by settings:

  • Sort by setting only applies to discounted products section
  • Sort by release date option is not available to all product categories, for example, DIY & Tools in Amazon UK

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