Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • Saved:Things To Consider Before Saying “I Do” To Investors #
  • Twitter open sources its MySQL work #
  • Saved "@subelsky: How machine learning is helping identify illness in premature babies 24 hours before a doctor can:" #
  • Overview of cyber-security area "@quixotic: Good article by Nicole. Important wave of enterprise companies emerging." #
  • Saved: "@subelsky: Everyone who manages software teams should read @mperham's post about how meetings != process " #
  • Saved "@MAJACKS0N: Google Ventures’ Big Data Bet by @qhardy" #
  • Saved: "@jaberman: Expanding the Cloud – Introducing Amazon CloudSearch The latest move in the search game. " #
  • what's common about @instagram and @pinterest? both founded by ex-Google PM, they understand well what people needs, part of google culture? #
  • Saved "@jaberman: Founders beware: accelerators offer upside, but only if you’re ready balanced insight here." #

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