Service Review: Resume Distribution Services

Job searching process may be desperate, thrilling and time consuming, not only for fresh graduates but also currently employed.   However, things can be far more efficient and effective if you take advantage of the job search techniques and services thatInternet now offers.

Resume distribution is one of these services that’s very effective and cost-efficient.  It emerged in 2002, and became increasingly popular since then.  Job hunters can reach employers through distributing hundreds or even thousands of resumes automatically to increase personal visibility within the job market.

So far, resume distribution services can help you do these two types of work:

  • Resume blasting: directly email your resume to thousands of employers, recruiters, headhunters in short time frame.  Serious providers in this category include: EmailMyResume and Resume Zapper, Resume blasting is the most direct approach to market yourself to recruiters and head hunters, since it directly transfers your profile and resume to the emails of your targeted recruiters.   Comparing with posting your resume on job sites and wait for recruiters to find you, resume blasting allows job seekers to take a more active approach by reaching out and find recruiters.   By taking a more proactive approach, resume blasting allows job seekers more ability to target certain recruiters by industry, company or special areas.
  • Resume posting: post your resume to multiple job sites, one of famous providers in this category is Resume Rabbit.  No doubt, job sites are a major place where recruiters and head hunters spend a lot of time daily browsing, therefore getting your resume posted on as many as possible job sites is important.  In addition to,,, there are hundreds of job listing websites out there, each requires a complicated process of registration of your personal information and resume, resume posting service automates this process and immediately let your profile appear on hundreds of job listing websites.

Service Comparison

This post reviews major five resume distribution services on market now, compare pros and cons of each services to help you make an informed decision.

Company Service Audience Region Industry Price
Email My Resume Blasting 1000+ recruiters and employers 3 regions 3 industries $49.99
Resume Zapper Blasting 600+ recruiters 3 regions 3 industries $49.99
Resume Zapper Blasting 600+ recruiters 3 regions 3 industries $59.99
Resume Zapper Blasting 1000+ recruiters 3 regions 6 industries $68.99
Employment 911 Posting 76 career sites USA General $59.95
ResumeRabbit Posting 83 job sites USA General $59.99

Service Provider Profile

Detailed information of each resume distribution service providers:

Resume Rabbit

Pros: Password access to check status on your site postings in real time. Personal link list to all sites with your usernames and passwords.
Cons: If currently employed, posting your resume to the Internet job boards could lead to negative responses from your current employer.


Pros: You will be able to select companies where you do not wish to distribute your resume.
Cons: You will be able to add industries and regions for extra pay.

Resume Zapper

Pros: Over 10,000 recruiters in its US database and 1100 recruiters who make international placements.
Cons: You pay extra fees for additional services like increased exposure, privacy protection, report of resume activity, etc.


Pros: Free electronic formatting.
Cons: Website design not so user friendly. You have to pay the service before the details of service are displayed.

Expert Take

Here is an excerpt from Jason Kay, a career expert, on the power of resume distribution services.

By utilizing a resume distribution service, you can help cut down your “to do” list, so that you have more time available to accomplish the items remaining on that list. This, in turn, allows you land a job more quickly and limit the time that you are unemployed and without a steady income.

A resume distribution service will also do something for you that can be particularly difficult and time consuming for you to do on your own – find out-of-area jobs in other towns and cities across the nation. This presents an amazing possibility for job hunters who are willing to relocate if the right opportunity presents itself.

All in all, a resume distribution service can be the perfect solution to simplify a process that can otherwise be draining, time consuming, and slow down other important activities that contribute to a successful job search. It is almost like having your own personal assistant to assist in your job hunt – one who is dedicated to helping you discover the best job opportunities out there and bringing you one step closer to finding the job of your dreams

Resume distribution services offer a wide range of services. Depending on your job level and field you may choose which services, and what cost, is right for you. Be sure to compare services, especially former customer reviews, of a resume distribution service before you choose to purchase their service. After you find the distribution service for you, relax, let them do the work, and get ready for a career boost.

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