Amazon Top Search Keywords: December 2012

As part of monthly series of product keyword rankings, we are publishing the most popular keywords searched by users of Amazon Extension in December 2012.   This report include rankings for Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and China.

Rank China Germany France Italy United Kingdom United States
1 karicare fotopapier 10×15 cod dark souls xbox 360 xcom kindle
2 kindle xbox 360 controller john butler trio dark souls final fantasy 25th kindle fire
3 硬盘 xbox 360 kinect mala tibetain halo4 Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box gameboy micro
4 1150 adobe premiere ipod samsung 830 journey iphone 5
5 5530 Kindle Netzteil ipod classic 50 mm 1.8 lightning returns lamp shades
6 arometer nexus 4 pixies agnelli segreti yoshi’s island nexus 7
7 AS-ZGDA20 2 tb festplatte intern rani amazon music importer 6 axis samsung galaxy s3
8 assassin sword 3d blu ray samsung galaxy s3 mini amplificatore chitarra 6670 wireless router
9 3ds 96 hours wii u ascend d1 quad xl advent children complete butt plug
10 a510 acer manteau chien bamboo apple tv gmat

The report was generated on data collected by Google Analytics.

We take great respect to our users’ privacy, users of Amazon Extension have the option to stop Google Analytics from collecting usage activity data including Amazon searches.

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