Amazon Top Search Keywords: February 2013

As part of monthly series of product keyword rankings, we are publishing the most popular keywords searched by users of Amazon Extension in February 2013.   This report include rankings for Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and China.

Rank China Germany France Italy United Kingdom United States
1 李云迪 bergdoktor rocksmith smartwatch metal gear rising guitar pedal
2 kindle abdichtband milton antec 620 ps4 ibolt
3 yundi es accel milton paradis perdu bitfenix prodigy band in box asics men
4 820 galaxy s3 monster high black & decker dustbuster ecolithium dv1410el bf3 blooming tea
5 fintie google nexus 10 roce motorsport 4 xbox ps2 cherry jelly belly
6 g75vx macbook samsung galaxy s3 ace s6801 duos ps3 console chromebook
7 禧贝 mp3 player aiki do 11mm blu-ray cases dell d830 battery
8 18条管理 nexus 7 alain badiou amd hawk 1tb hdd dvd -r
9 32ex355 ölgießer asus anastasis 22″ touch monitor external hard drive
10 3m samsung galaxy s3 autisme pratiques antec p280 24 manga copic guy finley

The report was generated on data collected by Google Analytics.

We take great respect to our users’ privacy, users of Amazon Extension have the option to stop Google Analytics from collecting usage activity data including Amazon searches.

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