Amazon Top Search Keywords: April 2013

As part of monthly series of product keyword rankings, we are publishing the most popular keywords searched by users of Amazon Extension in April 2013.   This report include rankings for Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and China.

Rank China Germany France Italy United Kingdom United States
1 hottoys batman arduino injustice bioshock infinite asus 7970 bioshock infinite
2 hottoys joker cat b15 kare bioshock infinite xbox 360 books camera backpack
3 kindle logitech maus soul sacrifice landträume 2 dragon’s dogma candles scented
4 thinkpad w530 my doll house 253087 tagliacapelli professionale dvd creation of america
5 32ex rape of nanking 370710 a nudo per te gold rooster doctor who
6 sigma 30 2.8 palm zire 21 40es6710 accessori auto tracker gps tk102 gprs gsm new girl far cry 3
7 weleda raspberry pi 4go psvita acer s235hlbbmii skyrim htc one case
8 搜查官 s3 5d mark ii adriana tessier 16gb usb memory stick micro sd card
9 王小波 simcity 8710163215235 aeg pmr 3 step ladder passing on the comfort
10 1050 诺基亚 springform klein action cam agassi open 32″ tv tablet

The report was generated on data collected by Google Analytics.

We take great respect to our users’ privacy, users of Amazon Extension have the option to stop Google Analytics from collecting usage activity data including Amazon searches.

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