Chrome Add-on: Shopping Button Version 3.2.2013.1030 Released

7% of top Alexa 10,000 sites supported.  This version has expanded site coverage from 400+ to 1000+, not only the number of sites more than doubled, but the quality of sites got improved significantly as all newly added sites are top-tier sites in the Alexa top 10,000 club.  In addition, geographical coverage expanded from 7 countries to 43 countries worldwide.  From shopping needs perspective, this upgrade also represent an expansion: now the 1000+ sites cover end-to-end shopping needs including online shopping, offline shopping, shopping guide, automobile, real estate, travel, and even betting and gambling.

We realize that this is still an experimental stage product, we are working hard to add cool features to this product in order to make it ready prime-time coverage, please stay tuned.

This is a new version release note of  Shopping Button, the extension is available for download now.

For a complete user manual of this add-on, please visit here.

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