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AmaBay new features: region support, new look and more…

We felt that AmaBay need some major face lift, so we renovated the site and added a couple of new features:

First of all, we combined ebay and amazon regions into one, user will be able to choose once instead of twice.  Here is some background of this issue: even though eBay and Amazon are both global eCommerce companies, they support different countries, with eBay supports more while Amazon supports less, the countries where Amazon has presence all have eBay presence except Japan, while a couple of eBay present countries do not have Amazon presence, for example, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, etc… For this reason, we initially kept country selector for eBay and Amazon separate.  Now we are merging them together because it’s what user needed, we should do what’s easier for user, not what’s easier for us.

Secondly, we made the search result page cleaner.  We removed a couple of notes for each product, Product Group, Manufacturer under Amazon, Time Left under eBay.  Now these notes can be seen in tooltip window when you move mouse over images.   After this change, the result page only displays product images, title and prices, because these are what visitors really care about.

Lastly, we are making the mouse over tooltip image larger and clickable.  Right now, only the Amazon side of results have large images added to tooltip window, we are still working on eBay side, but the pictures on both sides are already clickable, clicking on it will lead to product detail page on eBay or Amazon.  On Amazon side, try moving your mouse over any product images, you will see large image of this product with great details.  I don’t know what you think, but I am very visually driven when I do shopping, so with large pictures viewable, it’s more likely that I will buy the product.

Please feel free to leave your feedback or request for features to info@linked8.com

June 18, 2011 Update: after AmaBay region feature change, Firefox Addon AmabayFox 1.2.20110115 users will experience a bug when they compare price from Amazon or eBay non-US site, the result page will always use US as region.  Now this bug has been fixed.  Sorry about the inconvenience.