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Firefox Addon: AmabayFox New Version 1.3.20110630 Released

iconThis is a new version release note of AmabayFox(this version is available to download soon)

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In this new version of AmabayFox, Firefox Browser Addon, here are the new features:

  • You may now place the AmabayFox button  wherever you like, the locations you can choose from include menu bar, navigation bar or add-on bar.  By default, after install, AmabayFox button will be placed on navigation bar, after that, you may change its location by doing the following:
    • Right click on any Firefox browser bar area, click “Customize”
    • After Customize Toolbar window popup, use your mouse drag and drop the button to the bar you want
    • Close Customize Toolbar window, all set!
  • You may now configure the default locale of Amabay homepage by one of the following ways:
    • Right click on AmabayFox button, choose from “Switch location” menu
    • Right click on AmabayFox button, click “Options”

If you are using this tool and have feature request, please fill out form here.