Chrome Extension: AmabayChrome version 1.2011.5.29 released

This is a new version release note of AmabayChrome which enables one click compare Amazon and eBay prices from Google Chrome browser.

About 4 months after the release of 1st version, this 2nd version release is packed with exciting new features which will bring more convenience to your online shopping experience.  The  new features added to this version are:

  • “Compare Price” button location now configurable. Responding to needs from one of our users, now users can configure whether “Compare Price” buttons are displayed on Amazon / eBay search result pages.   By default, “Compare Price” buttons are shown on Amazon / eBay search result pages, but users can now turn that off in options page.  Please note, “Compare Price” button will always show up in Amazon / eBay product detail pages, this setting could not be changed.
  • Address bar button provides yet another way to click once to compare price. The button will selectively show up on right side of your address bar based on your current page and setting:
    • When you are viewing a product’s page on eBay or Amazon, the product information will be automatically detected, and a bell shaped button  will show up, clicking on it will show you AmaBay price comparison result for this product in a new tab.
    • When you are viewing other eBay or Amazon pages, the button’s shape will change to , clicking on it will lead you to the AmaBay homepage of your selected country.  You may change the country setting in Options page.  If you like this button so much that you want it to show up more often, you have the choice of make it appear when you view any pages on Internet, that setting can be changed in Options page.

For complete user manual of this extension, please visit here.


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