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Chrome Add-on: AmabayChrome – Compare Amazon and eBay Prices

AmabayChrome, (old link to app no longer working) allows you to use to compare prices between Amazon and eBay for any product by one click.

How AmabayChrome Works

On,,, and sites, “Compare eBay Price” button appears on Amazon product search result and product detail pages, clicking on it leads to Amabay price comparison page for that product.

On,,,,,,,,,, and sites, “Compare Amazon Price” button appears on eBay product search result and product detail pages, clicking on it leads to Amabay price comparison page for that product.

International Support

AmabayChrome works on Amazon US, UK, Japan, Germany sites and eBay US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Ireland sites. In most cases, regions are automatically detected.

Automatically detect region

When you click “Compare Price” button on eBay or Amazon pages, or bell button on address bar, region setting is automatically detected.

When regions are automatically detected, in most situations, Amazon and eBay prices in the same country will be compared, for example, if you click from, you get result between and However, for a small number of countries, because they are not supported by eBay or Amazon, you’ll need to compare with other country’s results. These situations include:

  • click from, you get vs.
  • click from, you get vs.
  • click from, you get vs.
  • click from, ebay. at,,,, or, you get vs. these countries’ ebay results

Manually set region

When you click on AmaBay button on address bar to open AmaBay homepage, its default region is manually selected in option page.

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Firefox version: AmabayFox (user manual)

Chrome Add-on: Amazon Extension for Google Chrome Version 1.2011.1.1 Released

This is a new version release note of Amazon Extension for Google Chrome. (This version is available to download now)

For a complete user manual of this add-on, please visit here.

As mentioned when this addon was first released, we are adding support to more countries in this new version, as of now, the addon supports the following Amazon sites:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada

Amazon France and Germany support was added in this version.

Chrome Add-on: Universal Shopping Search

32We just released Universal Shopping Search, a handy tool that helps Chrome users to fast search Amazon, eBay,, and with keyword suggestions.  Amazon and eBay international sites are also supported.

These sites are supported:

  • Amazon:,,,,,
  • Amabay US, UK, Germany, France and Canada
  • eBay:,,,,,,,,,,,,


Universal Shopping Search was awarded with Editor’s Pick award, you may alternatively download the extension by clicking on the image on the left.

Chrome Add-on: Amazon Extension for Google Chrome

We just released Amazon™ Extension, a handy tool that helps Google Chrome™ browser users to navigate and search Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan and Spain sites.   The tool also provides US users updated Gold Box Deals information at 1-click away.


  • Amazon™ international sites supported, including,,,,,,, and
  • Easily navigate to Amazon™ popular destinations such as My Account, Wishlist, Today’s Deals and Category homepages such as Electronics, Music, Books etc.
  • Search all product categories on Amazon™ from browser, with real time keyword suggestion.
  • Search within product category or browse any major product category on Amazon™ with real time keyword suggestion from within that category.
  • Log in to from browser toolbar
  • Fast change country without leaving the popup menu


The tool is clean and free of virus, tested and verified as “100% CLEAN” by Softpedia.



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Due to the limitations of Google Chrome™ browser,  the extension provides a subset of Amazon navigation structure in terms of product categories, we are working to make the coverage more comprehensive.