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Firefox Add-on: Amazon Deal Button version 1.2.20101231 Released

Amazon Deal ButtonThis is a new version release note of Amazon Deal Button. (this version will be available to download soon)

View a complete user manual of this add-on.

The latest version of Amazon Deal Button features the following improvements:

  • Compatible with Firefox 4
  • Sort discounted products by customer review, best sellers, price and release dates.  You can change this setting in Options.  Default sort option is by customer review.
  • Added Top Rated section for Amazon US.  In addition to Bestsellers, Movers and Shakers, Hot New Releases, Most Gifted and Most Wished For sections, Amazon US recently launched a new section called Top Rated which allows online shoppers to browse products by customer reviews and by categories.  The products with the overall highest customer review among biggest customer population are ranked highest.
  • Updated deal links for Amazon US, UK and Germany.  Since last version was released about 4 months ago, a few changes have happened to Amazon US, UK and Germany site structure, these changes are reflected.
  • Search highlighted keywords using Amabay and compare Amazon and eBay prices based on your country setting.  For example, if your Amazon Deal Button country is set to UK, you will see Amazon.co.uk and eBay.co.uk price comparison results.
  • Look and Feel.  The menu item icons are now changed to a uniform yellow post-it icon instead of English letters used in previous versions.

Caveats related to sort by settings:

  • Sort by setting only applies to discounted products section
  • Sort by release date option is not available to all product categories, for example, DIY & Tools in Amazon UK

Firefox Addon: Amazon Deal Button 1.2.20100820 Version Released

This is a new version release note of Amazon Deal Button. (this version will be available to download soon)

For a complete user manual of this add-on, please visit here.

FFAmznSaleWe are continuously making the Amazon Deal Button better by adding new features and catering to bigger audience.  In this latest version release, we expanded Amazon Deal Button’s geographic coverage by adding four countries: Japan, Germany, France and Canada.

Here are how menu look like for US, UK and Canada users


Here are how menu look like for Germany, Japan and France users


Firefox Addon: Amazon Deal Button 1.1.20100502 Version Released

FFAmznSaleAfter the first version of Amazon Deal Button was released, we received a couple of suggestions.  One of them was to simplify menu items and to allow users to customize discount percentage ranges.

That’s a really good point and we did achieve that in this new version.   In summary, major changes made in this new version are:

  • Choose your own range of discount percentage for any product categories on Amazon US and UK sites. For example, you can choose 20% or more as your preferred discount range, thereafter all your clicks on discount links will lead you to see products 20% off or more on Amazon. You may change this setting any time and get desired discount percentage range immediately.
  • Bug Fix: when you use Small Icons options when you customize Firefox Toolbar, size of Amazon Deal Button will adjust accordingly.

The following flow chart (click to enlarge) shows how easy it is to customize range of discount percentages.

customizable discount

Firefox Add-on: Amazon Deal Button

Navigate through Amazon’s Deals & Bargain sections and uncover the secret clearance sections with a button just few clicks away.   Keep updated with latest Amazon US Gold Box deals using personalized settings from myGoldBox.  Browse up to 90% off products in 20+ categories on Amazon US site and all international sites (UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Canada).  Browse all categories of Amazon’s Deals and Bargains, Bestsellers, Movers and Shakers, Hot New Releases, Most Gifted, and Most Wished For items.   What’s more, highlight any keyword when you surf the web, then one click away you can compare Amazon and eBay price using that keyword.

DOWNLOAD Amazon Deal Button at Firefox Add-on Website.


* All Amazon international sites supported, including amazon.com (US), amazon.co.uk (UK), amazon.co.jp (Japan), amazon.de (Germany), amazon.fr (France), amazon.ca (Canada), amazon.it (Italy)

* Easily navigate through Amazon most frequently updated deal sections including Deals & Bargains, Gold Box, Warehouse Deals, Outlet, and Friday Sales etc.

* Easily navigate Amazon clearance section by categories and by discount percentage ranges set by yourself.  For Amazon US shoppers, the discount range setting here will be also applied to myGoldBox when you check out personalized GoldBox deals.

Customizable sort order of how Amazon clearance products are listed, default option is Average Customer Review (from high to low).

* Easily change country and other settings by right click on the nav bar button.

* Easily navigate to Amazon popular destinations such as My Account, Sign In, My Cart etc.

* Compare Amazon and eBay price using context menu
— In the browser, highlight any text, right click, and choose “compare Amazon and eBay price for ….”

context menu

* Browse Bestsellers/Movers and Shakers/Hot New Releases/Most Wished For/Most Gifted items

Browse all Amazon categories of
— Bestsellers
— Hot New Releases
— Movers and Shakers
— Most Gifted Items
— Most Wished For Items
— Top Rated (US only)

Developer Comments

If you have any feedback or comments, please spend a few minutes by filling out the form here.

NOTE: Amazon Discount Button is supported by Amazon’s Affiliate program, without which we would not be able to afford to provide it.

Courtesy to  Shopholic from Firefox Add-ons and Yan Bezugliy‘s terrific blog ProBargainHunter.

User Manual


Discount range: Set your preferred discount range here, this setting applies to both Amazon Discounted Section and Amazon Customized Goldbox Deals (US only) service from One Stop Deals.   After you set the minimum and maximum discount range, only those products whose prices are discounted in that range will be shown when you click on either Amazon Discounted Section or Amazon Customized Goldbox Deals link.

Customized Goldbox Deals (from One Stop Deals): this service allows you to set a customized filter to a wide range of Amazon Goldbox deals so as to focus on the deals you need.  The personalized filter includes product category, expire date, keyword etc.   This service currently only supports Amazon US.

Sort by: Amazon Discounted Section (for all countries) will display products in one of the following orders:

  • Bestselling
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • Average Customer Review (default)
  • Release Date

Highlight search: Check the box, then you can highlight any word in browser, right click, then choose to search Amazon and eBay at the same time and compare price.  This service works for all countries including US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Canada, for example, if you are using Amazon France site, then you will automatically compare Amazon.fr and eBay.fr price for the highlighted keyword.