Amazon Top Search Keywords: August 2013

As part of monthly series of product keyword rankings, we are publishing the most popular keywords searched by users of Amazon Extension in August 2013.   This report include rankings for Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and China.

Rank China Germany France Italy United Kingdom United States Japan
1 d7000 gv-ntitan-6gd-b ps4 revo ikon game of thrones kyoryuger dragon ball z
2 nexus 4 hannibal blu ray gopro hero 3 iphone 5 hilfiger sunglasses blood struggle gundam
3 kindle s4 active scanner mass effect trilogy ps3 ncis season 10 hdmi cable htc one 801n
4 thermos tritium arabe fan lga 775 tales of xillia nez perce totoro
5 minion wasserkocher disney infinity wii braun cruzer 5 body 30 x 42 picture frame public speaking yamato
6 老人手机 fly gun hot tuna motorola moto x 30w t8 windows 8 yonanas 902
7 冠能幼犬狗粮 acer aspire r7 ninjago akasa blue aurora 3217u futon yamato
8 夜航船 laserschwert lacan eastpak 360 edition g project g boom ブッシュネル・デジタルスピードガン
9 学生椅 nexus sl-7s20 365jours gillette fusion proglide power 4pin firewire 1394 ilink mother mother koren ポップンバブル
10 zippo road to the red rocks 3ds moto x 6000-hb-3 nexus 7 車輪の下

The report was generated on data collected by Google Analytics.

We take great respect to our users’ privacy, users of Amazon Extension have the option to stop Google Analytics from collecting usage activity data including Amazon searches.

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